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What's In A Name?

Final Draft Studios started out of our love for stories. Katie and I are both avid readers and enjoy writing as a hobby. Seeing a story come together is an incredible thing. Out of this, a desire to help non-profits share their successes and their failures, what they've learned and who they benefit, has become a passion. Not trying to boast, but we've become rather good at it.


We spent this past summer overseas capturing stories of missionaries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Spending weeks at a time in each country not only to capture the immediate need and stories of the workers, but also the underlying cause to these effects. What was the cause that that made these beautiful stories be able to come about? That was our true purpose and objective. We came home exhausted from our efforts, but invigorated by the accomplishments! From that we started working out how we can do this for more non-profit businesses and ministries around the world.

A final draft is a well rounded story, one that encompasses the backstories and years of labor and work, culminating in the effects and outcomes of the work. That is why we are here. To help you with your story, so you can in turn share it with the world.


Keep looking into this blog, as we have several more coming your way. Ranging from posts that deal with substance over technology, to current thoughts, to how we edit our videos and photos. We'll even bring in guest bloggers to talk about subjects such as social media presence, video basics, story development, and running with your dreams.

-David Moum, Owner / Creative Director

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