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Film Equipment laid out


At Final Draft Studios, every story is unique, and we are here to help you share your final draft with the world.

Director of Photography

Distinguished Director of Photography crafting cinematic excellence in films and nonprofits.

Camera Operator

Experienced professional with a passion for capturing the perfect shot.

Certified Colorist

Expertise and knowledge to create stunning visuals that will leave a lasting impression. 

Motion Graphics

Bring your video to life with dynamic animations that will make your brand stand out.

Video Editing

Transforming footage into masterpieces – Your story, our editing expertise.

Logo Animation

Bring your brand to a new level with logo animation, adding depth to your videos.

Steadicam Operator

Immerse your project in cinematic finesse with our skilled Steadicam expertise, ensuring every frame is a stable masterpiece of fluid grace.

FAA Drone Pilot

Aerial film unit. Drone photography.

If you need it shot from above, we can provide. FAA Certified.

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